Wednesday, February 20, 2013

NaNoWriMo Contest for First Time Authors!

All that work you did last November on your novel as you participated in the annual National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) head-banger may be about to pay off.

The very talented cover artist (and writer) Ravven has pulled together a group of people willing to give of our time and talent to see your manuscript get published.

Yes, this is a contest.

Yes, this is a contest for those who completed their goal and finished their book: Winners! (Because how would you publish an unfinished book?)

Yes, this is a contest for those headed for ebook publication.

But as writers soon discover, getting to "The End" is merely the beginning. Every work needs and deserves more eyes and ears and thoughts. The best and most experienced writers understand this best. Just as every experienced author understands the impact a truly great cover can have. Covers are what draw readers to your book. Even ebooks.

But this contest merely begins with the promise of a cover by Ravven.

The goodie pack also includes beta readers, and let me assure you, beta readers, even horrible ones, are tough to come by. Sometimes Mom and Dad and Aunt Cecelia would rather not offer their honest opinion even if they are avid readers. And I haven't even gotten to the swag of proofreading and editing.

And formatting!

So here's what the contest offers to the winner:

1. Beta reading
2. Copy editing and proofing
3.A professional cover
4.A Createspace print template
5. Interior formatting
6.Facebook and Twitter graphics
7. Marketing and Public Relations advice
8. A blog tour

Guidelines for submissions, contest specifics, and those who are participating may be found here: NaNoWriMo Contest.

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