Monday, July 16, 2007

"Ain't it funny how time slips away?"

Developing the discipline to blog is clearly something that has eluded me. Up to now.

"Hi, I'm Judi, and I've let being a disciplined writer slip."

Here's my excuse: I've been busy living life, or at least, trying desperately to keep up with everything.

My elder daughter is due to deliver my first grandchild any day now. She's officially due on July 27, but who knows. This very daughter was two weeks late herself and her younger sister was two months early. Maybe she'll be on time.

Said younger daughter just got her driver's license and a job at the mall.

The father of this pair (and my legal life partner) has just taken an early retirement from his reporter position at the local newspaper and is now doing freelance writing. He's also upped his guitar playing and performing appearances.

It's a busy place our house.

Here's another excuse: I'm working on something new.

Yes, yes, after struggling with my two novels (one in revision, one still being written) and my eclectic collection of short stories, I was hit with a totally new novel-length project. The fires are burning on that one, so...

Excuse #3: I've joined a local writers group and have been leading a writers' workshop at Willard Library.

Those who know me know I rarely take a backseat. (To those who don't know I served in several capacities with the Horror Writers Association: VP, Trustee, email newsletter editor, convention hostess, etc.) Anyway, the Midwest Writers' Guild of Evansville needed a treasurer, so...

The workshop at Willard will begin again in the fall. "Fall into Writing" will be the September/October offerings. On Monday, Sept. 10, we'll be exploring the writing process and developing plans. Then on Monday, October 15, the subject will be "More than you wanted to know about getting your words into print." We meet at 10 a.m. at the historic and very haunted library (21 First Avenue, Evansville, IN), but please do reserve a spot by calling the Willard (812-425-4309).

Those are my current excuses. I probably have more. In fact, I think there's now a website that offers excuses for writers, much like those quotes' pages. :-)

And how is your work coming along?


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